Potholes, slowing down the IT city.


Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) assured potholes free roads in Bangalore city but the number of accidents tells a different story.

By Yumna Ahmed

Every day, potholes account for 20 to 30 cases of accidents in Bangalore. The city traffic police have identified 360 accidents in 2019 involving potholes.

Potholes make commuting difficult and the proof is the accidents and traffic which have increased. Despite repeated complaints from the people as well as the traffic police Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has not taken any action says Jambu Nath.s

Venu, a local resident of Tannery Road, said that the potholes in that area have not been repaired since seven months. The residents have complained to the BBMP regarding potholes.

Vishnu, a delivery boy, said that the traffic is slow due to the potholes, and he is not able to deliver on time. Dr Ashish Verma, BBMP Civil Engineer of roads, said that the major cause of potholes is the poor design of roads and poor workmanship. He added that if the road guidelines are properly followed for ten years there will be no problem. The solution is to make proper cross slope as it will help water to slide down the roads.

“We received 21 accident cases at the K.G Halli police station”, said Jambu Nath traffic officer. Last year F.I.R. of 34 accidents were filed at K.G Halli traffic police station in Tannery Road and this year till August 21 accident cases have been filed. He added, “The Traffic Police of K.G Halli have filled 30 potholes this year.”

On August 2, 2019 the High Court of Karnataka asked BBMP to pay compensation of Rs 1 lakh to people who met with an accident due to potholes.

As per the BBMP website they take 14 days to fix potholes but the condition of the roads have not improved. BBMP is planning to use a new technology the pavement condition index (PCI).

Mr. Manjunath, Engineer in Chief of road infrastructure of BBMP, said that 207 potholes have been filled till August 17, 2019 and 201 till August 3, 2019 in north east area of Bangalore. Executive Engineer of road BBMP Mr Nandish said that they are planning for tender sure road and will also use white topping for proper roads.



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  1. Well,this article really gave me the knowledge about the condition of Bangaluru. The BBMP must fix that potholes.And special thanks to Yumna,who gave us a glimpse of the entire situation going on.

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  5. Potholes are indeed a huge infrastructural hazard in the country. You’re right, if we wish to move towards smarter cities, we need to tackle one of the most pressing problems the entire country is facing.

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