New technology for waste water management in town

Bangalore City

Waste water management and recycling technology has entered the Bangalore market. Private companies are all set to provide their technologies to the Bengalureans.

By Manasvi Gupta

A new technology for waste water management has been floated by private companies in Bengaluru’s Water Expo today. The technology, previously introduced in Mumbai and Chennai was also well received in Bengaluru. , people are actively indulging in buying this technology privately. 

Although, BangaloreWater Supply and Sewrage Board (BWSSB) has made it mandatory for apartments and industries to install water management systems, it is trying to promote sewerage treatment plants and web portals through collaboration with private companies.

Only one out of five companies that exhibited the technology is willing to collaborate with the government. 

This is because the earnest money paid by the government to the company, which is a large amount due to magnitude of the project, gets blocked. The authorities also don’t provide payments on time.

T. Begin Daniel, Marketing Manager of a company that provides this technology said that they have installed 25 projects in the city so far. He added that the company has also worked with Cubbon Park water management authorities to provide solutions.

Various companies agree to the fact that private apartments and industries are becoming more interested in paying for the new technologies.

The companies told The Softcopy that the technology is in high demand in areas like Electronic City and Whitefield.

Robinson, who is a trader of water purifiers, said, “I’m currently working with RO water filters. But I’m planning to expand my business and will definitely invest in water recycling technology.”

“Since BWSSB has made it mandatory to install water management plants, people would be willing to buy this technology and I’ll be able to earn a good profit,” he added.

But, Satyajit Gupta, a PhD researcher at IISc, who works for sustainable solutions, believes that new technologies are just bait for the people.

He said, “They will run after any new technology that get launched in the market.

I don’t think these new and costly technologies are as beneficial as they claim to be. Rainwater harvesting systems are equally beneficial.”

“Although the government has asked to conserve water, it is not necessary that only imported technologies can do that,” he added.