Cars Parked in the ‘No parking’ zone creates congestion near the Civil Court Complex

Bangalore City

‘No Parking’ signs near the Civil Court Complex seem to have no importance as vehicles get parked in these zones causing traffic.

Vivek Madhu

Traffic is a usual sight near the Civil Court Complex as commuters fail to abide the no parking signs put around. The Vehicles parked on the roadside narrows the road, causing difficulties for vehicles to pass by.

As the Civil Court is close to the Central College metro station, the roads are usually filled with vehicles. Despite being a narrow road,cars are parked on the roadsidesThis makes commuting through the road troublesome , especially for lawyers .

“I have seen the two-wheelers getting towed but the cars are hardly fined or towed away by the traffic police.”said Raveesh, a tea shop owner near the court.

The new fines implemented by the Bengaluru Traffic Police states that parking in no parking zones will lead to a fine of Rs.1000.

Advocate Ayoob Khan told the Softcopy that he faces issues with the traffic block outside the civil court complex. “The roads are usually very crowded. There is parking lot available for advocates inside the court complex. So the rest of the visitors are responsible for the illegal parking. Leaving work through this traffic is such a tiring work.”

“The lack of parking lots is to be blamed here. There are no parking areas near the offices in the city and hence roadside parking happens. Vehicles should not be allowed to park on the roadsides at any cost.” Says M.N. Sreehari, Traffic Expert

He added that the roads are under BBMP and it is their responsibility to create enough parking lots near offices in the city to avoid roadside parking.