“It is a Happier Year for now”

Bangalore City Health National

Suicide cases in the city have decreased in 2019 when compared to those in 2017.

By Virendra Singh

Bangalore, April 12, 2019.

According to the City Crime Record Bureau (CCRB), the suicide cases are divided into many factors. In these factors, poisoning and hanging are the major contributors. Reports of CCRB state that in 2017, 1,084 males and 549 females were recorded as the number of people who died due to hanging. In 2018, for the same cause 1,145 and 536 cases were reported, accordingly. Up to March 2019, 175 male and 82 female cases have been reported so far.

Suicide is one of the crimes committed by a person due to personal or other reasons. Factors like, depression, failure, threat are some of the leading factors which contribute to suicide and attempt to suicide. In comparison to 2016, there is a decrease in the suicide cases up to March of this year.

In contrast to this, suicide committed from poisoning has seen drastic changes in decreasing order. As reported by the CCRB, in 2017, 201 and 87 cases were reported for male and female, respectively. In 2018, the incidents were decreased and 166 and 87 cases were reported. Till March 2019, only 28 and 15 cases have been registered so far. It shows that there is an order of decreasing in committing suicide from poisoning. All the cases have been registered and how many of them have been solved and how many are under procedure is not clear yet.

M Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) said, “there are various reasons for committing suicide and one of them is depression which has become a common problem of nowadays. Some reasons like dowry, peer pressure and even students get depressed due to their exams. It is a good sign that cases are decreasing.”

Rang Sai, a psychiatrist says, “There is no need to commit suicide or attempt to it. During the depression, one doesn’t understand what would be the outcome and can’t control the stress in that situation. To take a call on this, one has to think about the consequence of his step and should try to approach for medical treatment if the situation becomes out of control.”