Aircel’s bankruptcy puts distributors in fix


Distributors to stage protest if Company does not pay up

Bangalore, April 9, 2018: The distributors of Gurgaon based telecom brand Aircel are facing losses of up to Rs 10 crore after the company filed for bankruptcy without informing its distributors.

Nagrakshan VH, an Aircel Distributor, said, “We have the pending amounts that we had invested when we took up the distributorship. We are in a fix now, as long as we have this distributorship we cannot start a new business and we have no money, our family is suffering and we have no mode of income.”

“The company has received funds from Maxis Communication to pay their employees” he added.

Dr Vinay Kumar, Head of KLRC, said, “They have money to pay their employees but who will pay the distributors who helped them set up their business. We have written to the state government and if they don’t take action in the next week we will stage a huge nationwide protest in the interest of the distributors.”

An independent candidate, Syed Asif who has contested 5 elections in the state elections has said, “I stand with the distributors, the company should repay the distributors or they will protest.

The distributors are asked to visit the company headquarters at Gurgaon when they approach the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in Bangalore.