Stuck with mud roads and potholes, villagers demand good roads


In Bagalkot’s Nagur village, there is no concrete road. Even the connectivity to the nearest town is only through mud road.

By Vivek Kumar M

Bagalkot: Nagur, a village 10 kilometres  from Hungund town has no concrete roads. There are around 2500 people in the village.

Transportation has become a major  issue for villagers. Lack of concrete roads leads to an increase in commute  and thus poses a significant challenge for villagers to travel during emergencies.

The innumerable potholes on the mud road make the journey even more difficult and time-taking. The village has one Primary Health Care (PHC) and if a patient is referred to a better hospital in the town, it becomes quite difficult.

One of the villagers, Mahantappa Ucchal, said, “Reaching the town is very difficult from the village.  It is not that there are no buses. We have enough buses, but there is no concrete road.

He added, “Even inside the village, there is no road. In case of emergency situation, it is even more problematic for us.”

Shiraguppi, Panchayat Development officer (PDO) of Nagur gram panchayat, said, “We are considering the work of road construction within the village. There is an action plan. The labourers are not available currently as they are involved in removal of silt from the lake.”

“As for the road connecting to Hungund town is concerned,” the PDO said, “that work is looked after by the Public Work Department (PWD).”

In rainy season, things get messier for people. The rainwater fills the potholes and the garbage dumped on roads leads to stinking smell.

Sameer, an Urban and Rural planner from Centre for Urban and Rural Infrastructure Planning (CURIPe) said, “The villagers should get together and ask the panchayat or the government to provide  proper infrastructure. As far as garbage is concerned, the local leaders shall take initiative and once they initiate a drive towards cleanliness, people will follow them.”

Under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, only six kilometers of road has been constructed in Karnataka this year.

The PDO said that the road construction work inside the village would begin soon.