Bengaluru’s running out of well-maintained running tracks

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Ill-maintained 400 meter tracks of Kanteerva Stadium poses injury risks for athletes.
Bibek Baidya
Bangalore, November 19, 2019The 400 meter synthetic track in Kanteerva Stadium is riddled with potholes. Years of negligence has resulted in erosion of the layers of the synthetic tracks in the stadium. This makes it difficult for athletes to practice.
Mani, a coach at Kanteerva Stadium, said, “The condition of tracks can cause serious injuries to the athletes, like ankle injuries and fractures.”
Former Arjuna Award athlete Reeth Abraham said, “New tracks were laid in the stadium in 2006,but by 2013-14, the condition of tracks again deteriorated and from then onwards, the tracks have not been repaired.

“Synthetic tracks need to be maintained in a proper way, it should be watered on a daily basis so as to keep them clean. The average life span of synthetic tracks is almost 5 – 6 years, but in the last 8 – 9 years, the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports (DYSY) has not repaired the tracks. All the tracks have lost their smooth surface because of poor maintainence.”
Representatives from DYSY say that they will float a tender for repair/reconstruction of the tracks.
Ramesh, Joint Commissioner, DYSY, said, “We are planning to float a tender by 2020 to improve the condition of these tracks and if needed, reconstruct.”

A member of Karnataka Athletes Association (KAA) said, “If new tracks are laid then the government should look after the tracks and maintain them properly. People should be assigned for the cleaning and watering of the tracks, which will prevent their deterioration.”