ORR bus lane: Marshalls fail to show up

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The two hundred home guards who were to help with monitoring on the bus-priority lane fail to turn up, stumping the traffic police’s plans to penalize vehicles other than buses.

By Pradnya Desai

The 200 marshals to be deployed to monitor ORR lane did not turn up and vehicles other than BMTC buses were seen driving through the bus lane.

A fine of Rs 500 for the first violation and Rs 1000 for every subsequent one was supposed to be in practice since November 15, but no fines are being collected anywhere on the ORR lane.

Mahadevpura Traffic Police Mr. Mulla told The Softcopy, “The Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) lacks manpower in managing such a huge operation.” He denied knowledge of any BBMP workers deployed to help educate about and monitor the bus priority lanes.

The bus priority lanes have not been started at Silk Board junction as of November 18th. Traffic Inspector Padma monitoring this junction said, “The lanes are to be operational at Silk Board 30th November onwards.”

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Vajra driver Mr. Namesh said, “The yellow lines were painted last week near Iblur, demarcating the bus lanes. People have not yet started following the rules as there is no implementing authority.

Traffic Police Mr. Mulla informed The Softcopy of the accidents caused due to the bus lane metal barricades due to which they are removed.

Bus priority lanes were said to have been operational from Tin Factory to Sill Board junction.
No demarcation of bus lanes was seen on the ORR, near tin factory. K. R. Puram traffic police station said that they will be begining the demarcation painting soon.

Ganesha, an auto rickshaw driver sees no hopes of the traffic situation improving even with the implementation of separate bus lanes. He presumed the yellow lines to be for slower vehicles in the left while faster vehicles in the right.

M.N. Srihari said a separate bus lane rather than dividing the present road would be recommended. The authorities need to consult expert managing the bus lanes.

A protest in Harlur near the Silk Board on 16th November had raised serious traffic congestion.
Laymen seem ignorant if why the yellow lines are painted.