Need More Homeopathy Dispensaries in Karnataka

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The presence of homeopathy is important to achieve ‘Health For All 2020’

By Saloni Arora and SA Gayatri

Bengaluru, April 10, 2019

The World Homoeopathy day was celebrated today at Town Hall. The event was marked with the presence of Chief Guest, Sanjeev Kumar, the election commissioner. The 264th birthday of the founder of homoeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann was celebrated and an awareness campaign was held to spread the importance of homoeopathy. Around 400 to 500 homeopathy doctors gathered to celebrate his birthday at Town Hall.

World homeopathy awareness week is observed between April 10th to 16th every year. The day celebrates and pays homage to homeopathy and those who have been  healed through its practice. Homeopathy is an alternative to conventional medicine that enables  the body to heal by itself..

Dr B.T. Rudresh, the President of Karnataka homeopathy group said, “In a country like ours where one-third of the population is below poverty line, homeopathy is the only answer. In order to achieve goals like ‘health for all 2020’ the presence of homeopathy is extremely important. With the absence of homeopathy, the goal cannot be accomplished. The rally today urged the commissioner to open more homeopathy dispensaries in the country because there are 35,000 Ayurvedic doctors in Ayush department which is also a branch of homeopathy medicine. These doctors have around 600 dispensaries.  There are 13,800 homeopathy doctors but only 40 dispensaries are there, as a right we should get around 200 dispensaries.”

“If the healthcare in this country has to reach every single person in Karnataka, we need more dispensaries. Kerala has around 1000 dispensaries. Other states like Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra also has enough dispensaries Karnataka however, lacks medical dispensaries.”

“We asked all our students and doctors to vote without fail. Nobody should sit back and say that only a certain section of the public reap certain benefits. In the upcoming elections it’s the responsibility of the educated to come and vote instead of storming social media. Only then can the underprivileged procure the benefits of homeopathy. ” he adds.

YS Raju , a student of Government Homeopathy College , Bangalore , said “ Today, we have gathered here to celebrate the anniversary of the founder of homeopathy as well as to create awareness among people to choose it over Allopathy. Recently, BJP has alloted 22 crores for homeopathy medicine, which is a welcome move.”