Kannada Language: Pride or Speech?

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National Conference on Literature at St. Joseph’s college focused on the Kannada’s growth.

By Rohit Chatterjee and Surbhi Jain

Bengaluru, March 12, 2019

Ironically, the students had their mobiles in their hands while singing the Kannada anthem. The first sign of respect expected while singing the anthem, which was to stand in attention and sing, was not shown there at the National Conference on Literature. The conference aimed to focus on the growth of Kannada.

According to a 1991 census, 38 per cent of the Bengaluru city’s population declares Kannada as their mother tongue. The conference had the right feel of the place where Kannada music was being played in the background.

The Head of the Department (HOD) of Kannada literature of St. Joseph’s College, Dr B.N. Poornima, talked about the history of the language which is beyond 2,000 years. Yet, the language has not seen a growth serious enough. She threw light on the outreach of the language. She questioned the people saying, “Is the language just a mere mode of speech or is there a presence of it around the city?”

The chief guest, Dr H.S. Shivaprakash, who is a renowned Kannada playwright, mentioned in his speech that, “The need of the hour is own the language and experience it. There was a time when literature was not just restricted to books like it is in the current modern scenario. In the times of classical Sanskrit writers like Kalidasa, literature had various forms which included music, and dance and many other literary art forms. “

He also added, “A work of science can be read in the form of literature too. The romanticism of a language matters more rather than just speaking it. Literature of any form needs a heart to be put into rather than just learning it. Different people have read and spoken with a different approach, have varied point of views and understanding. Literature is metaphorical and conceptual. “

Harsha Priya, a second-year bachelor in Kannada literature from St. Joseph’s College said, “I love the Kannada language and I have been doing my research works on the language under the guidance of my professors who shower knowledge with all their hearts on students like us.”

She continued and said, “I connect to the world through the Kannada language. Since my school days, I was into the language. It builds curiosity in me and curiosity to me acts like the mother of invention. I make my feelings transparent through this beautiful language”.