Vehicular Theft Cases Increase in Bytarayanapura

City Crime

Thefts mostly happen between Deepanjali metro line and Mysuru Road metro line.

By Aiswarya Sriram

Bangalore, Nov. 23, 2018.

Byatarayanapura police station has seen an increase in Vehicular theft cases. In  January 2018, 10  cases were registered and in July, 17 cases were registered. The average theft has remained around 13 vehicles every month.

Prabhu D.K., the sub-inspector of Byatarayanapura police station says, “The cases are more frequent because there are a lot of barren lands where people leave their bikes and go, as they are not protected, they get stolen. People should not park their vehicles anywhere and everywhere.”

Ramesh, who has a chat stall in that road says, “There are no street lights, at night, it’s very dark, so a lot of theft cases take place, I close my shop by 10:00 because I don’t want people to question me.”

A resident said her scooter was stolen once – she complained in Byatarayanapura police station, but it has been three months and she didn’t get her scooter back. She added that a lot of illegal activities happened around night.

Kumar, who is also a resident state that, “I have heard that from the showroom also the theft has happened.”

T.P. Shivaswamy who is an inspector of the station says, “The thefts are happening in the Metro line between Deepanjali Nagar and Nayandahalli Metro as in the night metro shuts, it’s easy for the thieves.” He added, “We are tracing the thieves, we will soon find them.”