Snakes and the City

Bangalore City Environment

An NGO in Kengeri is rescuing snakes species that are experiencing danger in the city


Bengaluru, Nov. 23, 2018.

Bengaluru has been seeing a rise in snake bite cases over the past few months. These snakes, that were once freely roaming in the city are now scared because of the rapid growing urbanization in the city.

The NGO on Uttarahalli Road in Kengeri known as People for Animals (PFA Wildlife) has rescued more than 200 Indian Spectacled Cobras, 150 Kites, and other animals that are rarely seen or endangered since March.

227 Spectacled Cobras, 150 Black Kites, 64 Indian Rat Snakes, 13 Russell’s viper were rescued  – other species include Slender Loris, Brahminy Kite, and Checkered Keelback.

There was a rise in sightings during Diwali. According to an RTI filed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare between April 2017 and March 2018, 9,191 people across India died from animal bites and stings from snakes and scorpions — the highest in five years.

Nawaz Sharif, Chief Veterinarian at the PFA Wildlife Hospital said,” The rise in snakes witnessing and rescues might be due to the increase of heat in the atmosphere or the pollution and the smoke that might enter their burrows spoiling the harmony of their habitat “.

The NGO is a hospital and a rehabilitation center that has saved more than 24,000 species since 1992. Almost 95 percent of the species are released back to their habitat after their rehabilitation.

There are 50 animals rights now badly injured are kept in enclosures. The species included are Bonnet Macaques that suffer from electrocution and s gangrene. Their limbs need to be saved and cared for so they could survive.

Raju, a snake rescuer said, “It’s very hard to control a snake and trap them because they think they are attacked but instead they are saved. Nowadays the snake bites are increasing and we are getting more demand and calls to rescue”.