Transportation Scenario for the City

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NITI Aayog has released a report on global and Indian best practices on urban mobility.

By SA Gayatri

Bangalore, April 9, 2019

Bangalore has public transportation options like auto rickshaws, buses, metro and cabs. The public transport in the city ranges from the reasonable buses to the much expensive taxis. However, the most common mode of local transportation in Bangalore is comprised of the auto rickshaws.

 Mobility networks are essentially the central nervous system of our cities, impacting practically every aspect of the human condition; ranging from settlement patterns to economic activity, social relationship, security, and public health. The ubiquity of air travel has brought the world closer, and daring initiatives like hyperloops are compressing travel times for overland mobility. According to the report, with the advent of the sharing economy, mobility is increasingly being seen as a service.

Many cities are also at work on integrating all their urban mobility instruments into a single, demand-responsive system, with a network and timetable common that is accessible across various transportation modes, where the customers and use mobility options on their mobiles, based on real-time data.

The traffic jams and the increasing vehicles have created chaos in the past and present making it a big issue for the local people as they have to wait in the traffic for hours to commute.

There are sustainable transportation options coming up in the city, like electric buses, scooters and cars.

Rakesh R., a commuter in Bangalore, says “I feel that new startups are coming up with new technologies which are sustainable and viable. Bangalore has smart bikes, scooters, cycles and cars on the go but yet, still other countries are much more advanced and we slowly will reach there soon “.

Nagraj RT, the Executive Engineer at the Karnataka Transport Department, says “ Bangalore is very crowded and there is traffic all over. There are more vehicles on the road than people. We wanted to build elevated corridors but so far, residents have opposed the project. Now, in terms of mobility, the government has to put efforts on public transportation. People should start carpooling and use public transport more often “.

Kavitha M, a travel Expert in Bangalore says “ Mobility and transportation in India is doing well but there are still many areas where the government needs to concentrate, like sustainability and this will be only achieved if people cooperate “.