Election Duties Conflict with Christian Teachers’ Prayers

Bangalore City Elections Politics

Christian government teachers on election duty request leave to offer prayers on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

By Lanka Samanth
Bangalore, April 9, 2019

Some 195 teachers from Bangalore North have submitted a letter to Sanjiv Kumar, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Karnataka, and requested the CEO to exempt them from the election duty on the occasion of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Speaking to The Softcopy Newspaper, Dorthy, a teacher from RTC Primary School said, “This is a very sacred festival for us. We feel bad; no one is listening to us. I hope the order will be passed and we will be taken off from the election duty on April 18.”

It is the third time teachers submitted the request letter to the CEO. Previously, they had submitted it on March 16 and 18, two dates that were rejected by him.

Prabha Alexander, the Block Education Officer said that” this is a sacred festival, it comes once a year and is called Maundy Thursday, the day is a Good Friday. On Maundy Thursday (the day the last supper took place) we are supposed to go to church and spend the whole day offering prayers.

Furthermore, lett days (40 days of fasting and abstinence) are taking place. I hope these teachers might get exempted from the election duty on that specific day.”

According to social activist and Karnataka State Christians’ Minority Wing President, P. Williams, CEO Sanjeev Kumar will issue his decision order by this evening about our request.

When asked about their further steps if the order is rejected Harish said that “Hopefully, the order will be in our favor, if not we will decide then and act accordingly.”