Customers Fooled by Astrologists

Bangalore City

Astrologists are extracting money from people in the prospect of changing their fate and fortune.

By Priyanka D

Bengaluru, April 9, 2019: The number of astrologists in Bengaluru have risen inconsiderable amount due to people believing in them so that they could read their future, and make fortune befall on them like confetti.

Cases in the city where astrologists have provided hopes like vague superficial answers to real-life questions, tell them to buy expensive talismans and knick-knacks for protection from evil eye or perform rituals to cleanse their house in exchange for a hefty sum of money have increased.

Meena Singh, a central government employee, is a believer of astrology and has been visiting an astrologist every week for the past four years.

“I believe in astrology because the rituals I perform and advice I follow (from the astrologist) has always worked in my favour. I spend at least Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 on this every month – but it’s all worth it in the end.”

Rekha Singh, sister of Meena said her sister’s behaviour towards astrology is nothing but an obsession, and because of this never-ending addiction, she might “end up broke one of these days.”

Sadhu Vishwakarma, an astrologist who works in Bangalore, said that what he does is legitimate and that his work is helping many people find peace and happiness.

“I have so many people come to me every day with physical and mental ailments and I always try to help them get rid of them.” He didn’t mention the cost of his expertise.

There are believers who claim that astrology is a science, and planetary motions have an effect on all human beings in terms of fame and fortune.

According to K. Jayaprakash, a scientist from Chennai,  astrology is a pseudo-science, not real science.

“At the most basic level, science is the collecting of observations of nature. But that could leave us with millions of disorganized facts. Science also has a way to simplify and organize this data; it is scientific theories. There is no theory to explain how it could work. What is the physical connection between distant stars and a person’s fate? Astrology doesn’t say, and no real scientific theory offers any possibilities. People should be cautious when approaching these astrologists and should take their advice with a grain of salt.”