Controversial Candidate


Residents of South Bangalore find it hard to vote for him, as he is contesting the elections for the first time

By Manasi Pawar

Bengaluru, April 8, 2019

As the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) conducted a rally today in Bangalore South Constituency, the residents of the South constituency are hesitant to vote for Tejasvi Surya, BJP’s new youth wing leader as he is contesting the elections for the first time.

Sudha, a resident of Bangalore South, said, “It is hard for me to have faith in Tejasvi Surya, as he is contesting for the first time. We don’t know how he is and how he will take our constituency forward.”

Tejasvi Surya, a 28-year-old, contesting from BJP in the constituency had a lot to say about the city. He said, “I want to make a change in Bangalore. Bangalore is a very young and dynamic city. It needs a very grand and an articulate vision which was built by the great Kempegowda. “

He explained how he wants to take the city to the next level, he said, “I want to make the city a truly global metropolis.”

Tejas, a 19-year-old who just applied for a voter ID stated, “My family has always voted for the BJP, and this time also we will vote for the BJP because we want Modi to win and that is our main aim.”

Surya got a lot of slack on social media for being the youngest contestant. He was recently in the news after he filed a defamation suit in the Karnataka high court against publications that carried allegations against him.

Surya, in and an exclusive interview with the Softcopy Newspaper, said, “The entire city needs a complete infrastructure overhaul and our aim is to work to change this in every aspect of the city.”

The Bangalore South Constituency was under BJP veteran Ananth Kumar for 20 years, it would be tough competition between Tejasvi Surya and B.K Hariprasad, who is a Congress candidate.