Bhartiya Janata Party is a School for Young Politicians

Bangalore City Politics

By Surbhi Jain

Bengaluru, April 8, 2019

Former Deputy Chief Minister (CM) of Karnataka R Ashok, talked about why Tejasvi Surya has been taken as the major candidate for Bengaluru South for the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019.

At the Press Meet at Bengaluru Press Club today R Ashok mentioned, “BJP is the youth school for young politicians like that of Tejasvi Surya. He has great leadership quality. Hence, the position for Bengaluru South Candidate has been given to him.”

He also said, Modi is Government and Government is Modi. Even West Bengal Chief Minister mentioned that Rahul Gandhi is a mere child and does not have qualities or qualifications to become a leader. Karnataka’s election campaign responsibility for the BJP is on me – and I firmly believe that Modi will again come into power.”

He also talked about how all the 27 constituencies of Karnataka want BJP to come into power again as the ruling party to form the Government of the country.

He also said, BJP’s formula is to focus on leadership quality. Hence, we are looking for young leaders like Tejasvi Surya. We are going to teach a good lesson to the co-alignment parties in the elections. But we are not going to act as scandalous as the Congress.”

In a counter-attack to R Ashok’s point of looking for youth leadership, one of the journalists who was also the part of the press meet questioned the former Deputy CM by asking, “Why was Yeddyurappa still the CM of Karnataka when his age was above 70?.”

In regards to this, R Ashok replied and stated, “ BJP’s unwritten constitution says that the voluntary retirement age is 75, but in reality there are no rules as such.”