Prime Minister Needs Women

Bangalore City Elections

The Bharat Scouts and Guides ask for equality for women in the upcoming elections

By Thanuja M and Lanka Samanth

Bangalore, March 28, 2019

Maharani Pramoda Devi Wadiyar presided over the International Women’s day celebration. She unveiled the posters of the several inspiring women in the various fields, such as sports, spiritual, art, and music, service, etc.

Most of the women raised questions as for why only four women are contesting in upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Karnataka State. They also questioned the 33 percent reservation bill that has been lying in the parliament for such a long period.

The scouts, college students, and women participated in cultural events on this occasion. The delegates spoke about women empowerment, reservation for women, and participation of women in several fields.

Wadiyar said, “My husband’s  Krishna Raja Wadiyar, was very much interested in promoting scouts and guides. He introduced it in many schools in and around Mysore.”

“I am a pro-woman lady” she added, saying she is very much interested in women empowerment.

“When a woman in the family is educated, the whole family is educated, such is the power of women, and they have achieved a lot. We have seen Jhansi Rani, Florence Nightingale, and several others. We don’t overlook men; all we need is equal opportunities,” said Prithvi Sindhya.

According to  Wadiyar, every day should be celebrated as women’s day. With men’s cooperation, women can become better in every field.

She further asked, “Why should we ask for a reservation? There is no gender inferiority; we are not inferior to anyone. The women that are interested in doing something can do it on their own. They shouldn’t ask for a certain amount of reservation. They should come forward and prove to the society that they are capable to do everything.”