AAP seeks supporters in Bengaluru prior to municipality elections

City Politics

AAP members are gearing up to enhance presence in the city through nation building campaign ahead of city municipality elections.  

By Neetu Saini

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has nominated 50 candidates so far for the upcoming Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) elections in August –September . It is seeking new members and volunteers in the city. The party aims to rebuild its image through a ‘nation building’ campaign launched by its state unit.

Shanthala Damle, the party campaign in-charge for BBMP said, “The party is looking to identify 100 more candidates for contesting the polls. We will be contesting from 198 wards out of 200.”

At a press conference held on February 25 near Cubbon Park, the party issued phone number on which people could send a missed call to spread the message to people of every locality.

She further said that the party has received many enquiries from the people in the city wishing to join the party, in the recent days.

“The party already has ten offices in Bengaluru. We have received many positive responses from within the city, with common people wishing to join as a member to make the Delhi model possible here,” said Shanthala Damle, in-charge, AAP campaign for BBMP

“In its 60-days campaign, AAP is looking forward to conduct rallies and awareness programs, giving a rallying call for its ‘Nation Building’ campaign to all those who are exhausted with divisive politics of caste and religion,” said Prithvi Reddy, State Convenor of AAP.

“In order to eliminate four major Cs of nation that is corruption, casteism, communism and crime, Bangalore’s AAP unit members are rigorously working to replicate the Delhi model of development in the southern state of Karnataka,” he added.

After successfully forming government in Delhi, the party led by Arvind Kejriwal is planning to expand its reach by interacting with Bengalureans while working towards providing healthcare, free transportation, quality education and potable water supply in the state.

The party has decided to organize ‘Janna Chattra Samvada’ in March, where the members will interact with people to discuss the many civic issues, like water supply, electricity, transportation, and other social issues.

For this, the party has made a 40-minutes movie called ‘Hosa Bengaluru’ that shows the changes brought in by the AAP after it came to power in the national capital. This movie that has been screened in 50 parts of India will soon be released in the state.

“Our focus will be on the state-level issues and how we can resolve them through ‘politics of work’. Karnataka needs an organized government and AAP can ensure that stability,” Reddy added.