Obesity and Diabetes in Adolescents Increasing

City Health

Report suggests a rise in the number of diabetes and obesity cases among the youth by 20 to 30 percent.

Bengaluru, Nov. 20, 2018: Dinesh, an expert who is a researcher on diabetes and obesity, said that they get around 96-100 adolescent patients a year.

Medha, a 17 year old, Pre-University College student, said that it was difficult for her to participate in activities like running, and she could not do anything about it. She added that her family is obese.  She explained how she was bullied by her classmates and called her mean names.

Her mother Sheba said that she has a difficulty climbing stairs. Though her mother purchased a cycle, she cannot ride it. People around her bully her, they say she just wants to eat.

Julie, a 15 years old, another patient who has been suffering with obesity said she has been going through a tough time. She said it is difficult for her to walk and struggles in doing her works.

Dr. Ram Mohan, a diabetologist and endocrinologist said 20 patients who are adolescents come to him for treatment every month. He said, “There are two types of diabetes they are, modifiable risk factors and non-modifiable risk factors.”

Under modifiable risk factor he said sedentary lifestyle, physical and mental stress, and unhealthy eating habits are the reasons. Under non-modifiable risk factors, family history which cannot be changed, Indian race is more prone to diabetes, and ethnicity, associated hypertension.

Fast food which is very dangerous is one of the main reasons for the increase in type 2 diabetes. Other than home-made food the other foods are dangerous. Pesticide content in the food is a high risk factor for this. He added that, “Obesity is a main reason for diabetes. If you decrease 10 percent of your weight, diabetes will not come for next five years. Sugar level will be normal for next five years. ”

Dr. Malatesh, a general physician, said compared to the previous year there were not many cases that had diabetes in a young age, however, he said the rate is increasing in adolescents. The food they eat is one of the reasons which cause obesity and diabetes.

He said obesity can later lead to type 2 diabetes. A few reasons for this could be stress, low physical activities, intake of oily foods, junk, and alcohol.

Dr. Adi Narayana  said that obesity is not only caused by overeating, but also has genetic factors. Precautions such as eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits and exercising every day would help but not completely.