Upsurge in Breast Cancer Cases in India

City Health National

Urban women are more prone to breast cancer when compared to rural, it’s high time to spread awareness, says experts.

According to a recent study conducted by National Cancer Institute, it was found that ‘Working women’ are more likely to become victims of Breast cancer. Their latest research states that, “Some people who have been treated for breast cancer or lymphoma have a higher risk of developing congestive heart failure than people who haven’t had cancer.”

According to him, he has seen a lot many young people with breast cancer; this is a worrying trend.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak, MBBS, Surgical oncology said that, “20 years ago, cervical cancer was predominant in India, but now the cases are decreasing. Now the fearing factor is the increase in breast cancer particularly in urban women. Every week, five or more people consult me regarding breast cancer.”

“The reason for cancer is not just the stress that working women endure but also the lack of awareness and delay in detection and treatment in women living in Urban slums.” he added.

“Considering the history of many diseases, they come and go, but with busy lifestyle trends, cases of breast cancer are increasing . Work pressure, stress, hormonal imbalances attribute to breast cancer. Cancer is never painful, unless it is at high or advanced stage. Women should not ignore even the smallest changes in them. They should examine themselves regularly and consult a doctor if they find any abnormalities in breasts like itching in a particular area, or when nipple gets retracted or when there’s a lump formation,” said Dr Sandeep, explaining the breast cancer.

“Many experts and NGO’s are conducting awareness programs regarding this issue, but women in urban slums have no proper knowledge about breast cancer and aren’t keen on learning about the disease. They should learn about their health, if not treated at the right time, some cases lead to death,” he added.

“Since the treatment is expensive, we conduct more awareness program    by collaborating with few NGO’s and conduct free mammogram test. In February, we conducted free mammogram tests in Bangalore slums, because they were underprivileged and didn’t have prior knowledge about cancer” said Dr Sandeep who has Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Onco-Surgery.

Regarding the lifestyle and treatment Dr Sandeep said that, “The best way to prevent breast cancer is to maintain proper health, and avoid work stress, but if affected one should immediately seek doctors’ advice. Self examination is necessary since breast cancer is a serious health issue and one should be aware of it.”