Drones Installed to Control Bengaluru’s Traffic

City Technology

Drones should monitor the city’s traffic within one month

To tackle the traffic congestion of Bengaluru city in August there was a collaboration planned between a drones’ Delhi based company (Omnipresent Robot Tech) and the city of Bangalore. A Government official said, ’’A meeting has been scheduled in the first week of November, but it was delayed’’. ‘’Now, it will be held this week between the company and the Traffic Department to start it’’.

As the DCP (Traffic Department, Bengaluru) has joined the office recently, he needs to check all the procedures first. One drone will be operated for 15 days to check the traffic congestion.

Omnipresent company charges 19 thousand Rupees per day for flying for five hours. If the drone surveillance is going to be implemented it will become easier for the department to check out the most congested areas of traffic in peak hours.