From Zero to a Hundred

Bangalore City State Technology

A cab start-up in Bengaluru now has a vast reach among private companies.

By Virendra Singh

Bangalore, Jan. 31, 2019.  Before 1996, his life was full of difficulties and struggle, as he was driving the cars of others. Driving was his passion and as an expert in driving he thought of converting that into a business. In 1996, his fortunes turn around when he began his own start-up. Narayan Gowda, owner of ‘Durgadevi Travels’ started with one car and kept an eye on his goal.

When he started he did not face a lot of problems, as people were not very aware of app- based cab services. In fact, this lack of awareness was a great blessing to people like him. He has employed 80 people in his business and many skilled drivers have become bread winners for their family.

Some of his friends also started the same and are happy with this kind of work. He expanded his business to provide exclusive cab services to private companies. Even though he is not in app based cab services, his profit is no more less than them.

People who are in this profession say that if the cab drivers are lucky enough, they can earn more compared to drivers of other app-based cab services. Safety and priority of their customers are the key factor behind the success of Narayan. Keeping this in mind he has happy customers increasing regularly.

In a city like Bengaluru, where techies mostly prefer cabs for travelling, this business is booming. According to his experience, youngsters who want to invest in start-ups of this kind can easily get in the market.