Paper Rolls Instead of First Aid Kit?

City Health

BMTC buses have paper rolls in first aid boxes instead of first aid kit.

Bengaluru, Nov. 19, 2018: Debanjala Giri, who studies at Mount Carmel College, said BMTC buses’ first aid kits mostly have paper rolls inside or are empty. She said it was a good idea that the buses had the first aid boxes, however, most were found empty.

Laxmi, a homemaker said she has been travelling for more than five years now but has never seen anything in the first aid boxes.

Dr. Malatesh a general physician said that first aid boxes in buses are very important to stop any blood flow with the help of bandages. While travelling, if there are any accidents, they sometimes need to perform first aid to the victim to stop over any bleeding.

He said they need to be aware of the importance of first aid kits so that they can maintain them in buses. They need to know why first aid is so important and awareness training might be necessary to be given to them to the drivers.

Dr. Adi Narayana said first aid kits are required in every bus, be it in private buses or in BMTC buses.

According to section 138 (4) (D) of the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1989, first-aid kits containing a tube of antiseptic cream containing 0.5 percent of Cetrimide B.P. in a non-greasy base, sterilised dressings, sterilised elastic plaster, waterproof plaster, gauze and elastic bandage for wounds and burns should be provided in the kits.