Vokkaliga supremo calls Siddaramaiah corrupt


From Indira canteen to the decision on the Langayat issue, the Vokkaliga Jagrate Vedike left no stones unturned to point fingers at the “faults” of the present government.

Bangalore, April 12, 2018: The Vokkaliga Jagrate Vedike along with their PresidentGangadhar has called for a new Chief Minister on the grounds that the current one is corrupt.

He added, “The vokkaligas are calling on the next CM to support us. However the current CM has been against us. He’s been in corruption. He can’t win this time.”

While showing documents pertaining to a Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) corruption case, Gangadhar said that they have submitted a 2000 page document to the Lokayukta, but in vain. He said, “They’ve taken away 3000 acres of land near Banashankari out of the BDA.  The government is completely corrupt, and I am writing a letter to the CM about this.”

The Vedike has also pointed fingers at Siddaramaiah’s Indira Canteen initiative and said that they should also work towards creating jobs and providing education.

B.H Suresh, member of the Vedike has said, “The Indira Canteen is not working out, for how long will the scheme run, we have better things like educations and jobs, so many people are unemployed, we should also concentrate on that.”

While questioning the contentious Lingayat move by the present government, he added. “ Siddaramaiah is a socialist man. He should be trying to remove caste. He shouldn’t have tried to create the lingayat tag issue.”