Khadi remains desi, stays away from malls

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Owners of shops selling Khadi in Delhi and Mumbai had agreed to tie up with retailers recently.

Bangalore, April 12, 2018– The khadi shop keepers in  Bangalore have expressed a disinterest in tying up with retailers and shopping malls, across the city as they feel that its a mere loss in their sale.

Recently, khadi owners in metropolitan citieslike Delhi and Mumbai agreed to tie up with online shopping portals and shopping malls in the hope of increasing their revenue and sales.

But the khadi shopkeepersin  Bangalore have a totally different view on this matter.

Mayank, shopkeeper at khadi bhandaar, Shivaji nagar, bangaloresaid that his shop had tied up with Gopalan group of malls across the city and could not see any difference in the sales from before.

He further added that he was happy with the way his business was progressing at present and did not feel any need to tie up with shopping malls.

“About 75 percent of the products are sold mainly during October as it is thefestive season, but around 30-40 percent of the products are sold during summer”, he said.

Mr Satyanarayan, owner of Khadi Mandir, felt that he could incur losses if he tied up with shopping malls.

“People generally go to shopping malls on weekends and I don’t think there is any justification in selling khadi items for those two days. According to me this will be a loss. We have a wholesale market in Chickpet and Cubbonpet and as of now, there is no problem in selling khadi items” he said.

Mr.Ramesh Majumdar, owner of the Khadi Gramodya Bhandar said that around 60 percent of the sales happen in summer.

Ms.Sudha, staff at Khadi Nation, said that 80 percent of the items in her shop are generally sold in summer.

Mr Guruprasanna, Deputy Chief Executive of the Khadi and Village industries commission Bangalore, said that they had no plans to set up the strore at shopping malls and plazas.

“We have no plans in tying up with the shopping malls and retailers as our state government is panning to come up with Khadi Plazas soon. We will be soon coming up with the Khadi plazas across the city by the end of this year,” he said,