No Space for Children Parks

City Environment

Out of 72 parks only 15 have children play equipment.

Bangalore, 19 Nov, 2018: Vijayanagar parks are transforming into a space for gym equipment, but lacks children play areas. Bengaluru Bruhat Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) is now reconstructing a lot of parks and Vijayanagar is one of the prime locations, where many parks are undergoing reconstruction

Sharath M, a resident,  says, “Parks with gym equipments and jogging tracks are useful for joggers and people who come for morning walks.” He comes daily to the park near 8th main road lane 23. He added, “I have been using some of this gym equipments during morning walks, but I cannot bring my kids here, because they get bored.” In Vijayanagar there are 72 parks out of which only 15 parks have children play area, says Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) records. Most of the parks are now under reconstruction and Vijayanagar citizens are complaining that mostly children play area are being demolished.

Meenakshi P, who is 60 years old retired woman comes to a park near Govindraj Nagar every day. She says, “I use this gym equipment and they are really useful and good for joint pains, but I don’t know the use of many gym equipment that are placed, I feel such gym equipment could be replaced by small equipment for children to play.”

The major concern of people in Vijayanagar is they cannot take their children or grandchildren with them as the children don’t enjoy much. They have to take them, especially to another park where there are children play equipment.

Prabhu who visits park near lane 24, 5th main road says that, “I just jog around here, In nearby parks I have seen them raising new structures, it adds to the beauty of park, but for that they are demolishing both children play area and also trees, which I think is not necessary.” He also said,” nearby there is a big park called Raheja Park, and only that has children play area”.

Mahadevswamy ,Joint Director of Horticulture Department , BBMP which keeps the records of all parks in Bangalore says that, “Vijayanagar parks are going through reconstruction because; they are going to be designed on the theme of Vijayanagara Empire. Such decisions are taken by BBMP alone, from state government to Local MLA and everyone is involved in this.” He added that for building Children Play area, lot of space is required. But parks are usually small like around 200mts where they cannot place children play equipments.“Building children play area in parks are usually avoided stating that there are lot of vacant areas for them to play.” He added.

Aparna Iyer ,architect working in SD Corp says, “If the area of parks are less, according to them smaller playing equipments for Children could be placed, may be a small sand pit or one seesaw which will take less pace if placed diagonally, such that it will have some leg space as well as will fit in a smaller area.”