Drinking Water Crisis

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The local people at Saptagiri Layout are facing health problems after consuming dirty drinking water.

Bengaluru, Oct. 11, 2018.

The Saptagiri Layout at Peenya industrial area has a large population. The area has two lakes, both of which have been contaminated due to effluents by the industries around. The people can’t access the lake for any use. The people are also facing health problems due to the presence of waste in the lake.

The lake is a huge source of water, but it is contaminated and hence it cannot be used by the residents. The government has provided the locals with municipal corporation sanitized water for drinking.

But, that water is not drinkable either. The lake water which comprises of different kinds of waste is filtered in the plants set by the government in the area, and that water is being distributed via water filters and is locally known as ‘sanitized water’.

They rely on another water source from the Cauvery River, which has been provided to them by the government. But, the water is available only for one-two hours a day and that too one or two days a week. The people store as much as water possible to meet their need for a week. Therefore, they mostly depend on sanitized water.

According to Dr.S. Ramesh, a local doctor, he treats approx 20 patients on a regular basis, suffering from water-borne disease like typhoid and diarrhea and he blames the contaminated water.

In an interview with the softcopy newspaper Nanjegowda, a victim from the area spoke about the problems with the lake.


The stagnant water of the lake also often becomes a source for mosquitoes to breed, giving way for malaria and dengue. It has a pungent smell that makes it uncomfortable for the nearby residents to breathe.

The softcopy team met an official from Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB), Mr. Deepak H.C, assistant executive engineer of Peenya region who said” The matter is not a light issue. Many industries are established in this area for years. We have ordered them to monitor the water dispersed into the lake. Steps will be taken soon”

B.N Ramesh Kumar, Scientific Officer, commented on the issue saying “the matter is under progress. Peenya industrial association, lake developmental authority (LDA) and many similar stakeholders are collaborating to resolve the issue.