Garbage at Tharagupet KR Market Causing Health Hazards

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Vendors claim that the garbage is causing malaria and dengue fever

Garbage spread across KR market is causing distress among the vendors and customers. The garbage collection by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) is irregular. Despite several complaints by the vendors and pedestrians the BBMP has not installed garbage bins in the marketplace.

Suresh Shinde, a dry fruit seller, said that the garbage is not collected regularly and they suffer, especially during festival season because the BBMP fails to clean the trash. The smell and the sight of the trash cause distress to the customers and vendors.

BBMP Public Relations Officer, L. Suresh claims that the garbage is collected thrice every day. The waste is collected and segregated by the BBMP on a regular basis; therefore, there is no requirement for dustbins.

The wet garbage could possibly cause malaria and dengue; the market is filled with plastic bags, cow dung, fruit and vegetable peels, flower waste, etc.

Akshay Heblikar, an environmentalist associated with the organisation ‘Ecowatch’ said that most of the waste generated in the market is organic. This waste is not cleaned by the officials on time and that leads to its decay in the open.

Several bacteria and mosquitoes breed on this waste which leads to diseases and other infections. For the issues to be solved it is necessary that dustbins be installed so the waste can be segregated and collected.

Several shopkeepers claim that their children fall sick frequently because of staying in vicinity of the market. Manjunath, a locksmith, said that he and his son fell sick in June and August because of the garbage pile.

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