Syed Irfan was Receiving Threats before Being Killed

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“He had a lot of enemies,” said his brother Syed Mubarak

Bangalore, Nov. 21, 2018: The 29-year old bodybuilder and businessman who was brutally murdered yesterday had been receiving threat calls. Speaking to The Softcopy newspaper, the brother of the deceased Syed Mubarak said: “My brother confided that he had been receiving threatening calls for the past two weeks”.

When asked about why no police complaint was made, Mubarak said his brother did not take the calls very seriously and added: “He thought his friends were playing pranks on him”.

Not all seemed well with Syed. The brother also remarked, “My brother always used to say that he had a lot of enemies and that people were quite envious of him”.

Syed was hacked to death on Nov. 20. Mubarak gave further information to The Softcopy stating “Irfan called his spouse around 12:10 a.m. saying that he had been attacked by people with faces hid with helmets and was bleeding to death. Later, we received information on his whereabouts from Bowring hospital. Around 1:40 a.m., he took his last breath”.

Clinical Psychologist and Forensic Psychology expert Sunny Joseph believes that the motive of the murderers in such cases is to seek vengeance. According to Dr. Joseph “Certain individuals derive a sense of pleasure by harassing or threatening others”.

The assailants were six in number and there were three bikes in total. However, no development has been made in the case until now. Inspector Syed Tabriz from Shivajinagar Police Station said: “We are yet to make any arrests”.




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