Garbage Menace Still Prevails, Parts of City Remains Unclean

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Piled up garbage is clogging the drains on roads of Nagawara circle leading to Thanisandra.

Bangalore, Sept. 4, 2018: The road adjacent to Adyar Ananda Bhavan leading to Thanisandra is covered with garbage piles on one of the plot. There is a sewer running along the road, and the garbage clearly piles up in the drain and clogs it. The Road is narrow and it causes inconvenience as the garbage fills up the drains and it remains stagnant.

The residents have complained about the garbage rising up after it had not been cleaned for more than a month. They said that the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) garbage collectors comes and collects the garbage from the houses but do not clean the drain nor the plot.

The overflowing garbage is a breeding spot for mosquitoes and houseflies, directly vectors of diseases.

According to the Section 7 of the waste act enacted in 1986, it confers the power of Central Government to regulate all forms of waste that is harmful to the environment.

[/media-credit] Drain not cleaned at road adjacent to Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Nagavara Circle.

According to BBMP statistics of garbage clearance, the amount of solid waste generated is 3500 (TPD) tons per day.

Ahmed Khan, Garbage expert in Bangalore said, “The main garbage problem will be solved if plastic waste is collected separately at the source and plastic recycling should be done differently.

Narasimha Raj, a civil carpenter said, “The drain and the garbage have not been cleaned for six months. The garbage collectors collect the polythene bags but leave the other waste – which clogs the drain. We called many times to inform them but the office never responded”.

Seethaiah, a worker at the wine shop said, “The road is very narrow and when each time a big vehicle comes to pass, it’s very inconvenient. Sometimes the tyres of the vehicles cave-in the drain and sometimes two-wheeler commuters fall in the drain and injure themselves. It’s also very unpleasant and releases a foul smell”.

Raghu, Assistant Executive Engineer (SWM) Solid Waste Management of BBMP Byatarayanapura, said “As per norms, we are not supposed to clean the private plots and properties. When people throw garbage on plots, the garbage collectors collect them, but they are only limited to garbage and not the silt and weeds.

According to a research on solid waste and garbage, approximately 5000 tons of waste is produced in Bangalore, from which just 30 percent is collected by BBMP directly and the 70 percent of city strong waste is gathered and transported through contractual workers.

M.Keerthi, incharge of the health inspector said “It’s hard to cover Thanisandra, as it has many garbage black spots. The drain is not cleaned by BBMP but is the responsibility of ward officials”.

Ramnath, the supervisor said, “We clean the drains once in a month but people who do not give the garbage for collection throw on the plots and in the drains which itself creates a nuisance . “

S.Kumar, a medical shop owner added, “I own a shop just near this road and its very unpleasant whenever I have to cross it. We have to get the medicine stock in the van and there are many incidents where the van gets caved in the drain and the medicines fall in the drain” .

Assistant Executive Engineer, Raghu, said that, “He spoke to the supervisor and asked them to clear the plot in the next 24 to 42 hours”.

After the Softcopy registered a complaint on behalf of the residents for the clearance of the garbage, the supervisor and the garbage collectors were sent to the location to clean and segregate the waste. The action was taken as soon as possible and within 24 hours the sewer and the plot was cleaned.


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