The City of Bengaluru Struggles to Deal With Garbage

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Mismanagement of garbage in the city is creating a nuisance for the people.

Bengaluru, Sept. 11, 2018: A home to 8.5 million people, designated as the garden city and the IT hub is struggling to deal with its garbage. Sohil, a shopkeeper at Commercial Street said, “Garbage is dumped everyday on the empty plot just next to our shop and it has not been cleared since the past 10 years.”

Greacy, a pourakarmika at the same street stated that she comes once a day and collects waste from the shops and even though there is a main point out on the road where the houses are supposed to dump their waste, there is a lack of co-operation from the people. Customers, shopkeepers and the residents are the ones who usually throw the garbage at the empty plot.

Areas of problems include K.R. Market, V.V. Puram, Chickpet, Shivaji Nagar, M.G. Road, J.P. Nagar, and Indiranagar, Devagere village, all heavily affected by garbage dumping.

Just under the board that says “MY GARDEN CITY, GARBAGE FREE CITY”, piles of garbage were seen. When asked why the garbage is spread all over the footpath, a guard of a store just opposite the affected area at M.G. road replied that “the garbage has not been collected for the past seven days, and that, due to the overflow of garbage on the footpath, there is no space for the pedestrians to walk.”

According to BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalika), Bengaluru generates about 3000-3500 tons of solid waste daily. The BBMP is carrying out collection, street sweeping, transportation, processing and disposal of Municipal Solid Waste from generators. About 20000 pourakarmikas are being employed for the door-to-door collection, street sweeping and transportation of MSW.

Chickpet, the wholesale market in the old Bangalore is also a hub for damaged roads and garbage all over the place. A dealer in art and crafts stated that the drains were cleaned a few days ago but since then the garbage has been left on the road, creating foul smell and causing a loss of business. A BBMP official stated that due to the lack of cooperation by the people there is a mismanagement of garbage. He also added that they are planning to introduce awareness programs and also assigning duties to pourakarmikas to collect waste from the markets twice a day.

Kuruvila, an urban planner said “there is a mismanagement of garbage all over the city as we, the citizens, lack social values. We, here in India, do not even bother to segregate waste.”

He also added that “the citizens do not think about the poor, the sweepers work hard every day and still don’t get an off day. There is not a single problem to this issue, just as there is not a single solution to it.” He gave a suggestion for the issue by saying that the change should be from both the sides, the people and the government.


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  1. Totally agreed , garbage is a big problem for every city but Bangaluru which is considered as a developed city still has such problems , people only act civilised but ain’t . Incredible India , we say !

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