Paid Less but Made to Work More: Pourakarmikas

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The workers in the east zone are still not been paid with their allotted amount.

Bengaluru, Sept. 04, 2018 :The pourakarmikas (City cleaners) working in the east zone of Bengaluru are being paid Rs. 12,842 rather than Rs.13, 042, as they should be paid, according to the latest Karnataka Essential Services Management act. The east zone consists of 44 wards and all of pourakarmikas working there are paid the same amount.

The Karnataka Essential Services Management act states that from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019, the pourakarmikas have to be paid Rs.13, 042.  The information on the salary chart of the east zone shows that they are not being paid the allotted amount.

Vignesh, the computer operator who is in charge of compiling the salary and attendance said,” We are not aware of this issue. We send the data of their attendance to the private consultancy firm, they calculate the amount and send it to us, and we just compile the information given.”

He added that he was aware about this notification when it came and he discussed this issue with the higher officials who then told him that the amount has not been sanctioned yet by the main office.

The Assistant Engineer of the BBMP Solid Waste Management Department (SWM), Shobha M.N. stated that this amount has been allotted to them and is being paid.

Vignesh also stated that there have been a lot of issues with the biometric machines.  Sometimes they don’t accept the fingerprints and sometimes they simply don’t work.  There has been a lot of network issue also.  On Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018 the supervisor of Sampangiram nagara, Nagaraj complained that the biometric machine in the ward did not accept the fingerprints of worker, Chellama for the past day and a half.

Vignesh said, “If they didn’t punch in the machine they won’t get the salary, as they will be marked absent, if it is in fact a problem with the machine.”

Anjala, Kuppayi, Shilpa, Vasanthi, Sasikala and Bhavaka are pourakarmikas working in Sampangiram Nagara Ward number 110. The original pay they are entitled to is Rs. 17, 829. Kuppayi said, “We are only been paid Rs. 12, 842 out of Rs. 17,500 we are entitled to.  We are not aware as to were the money goes.  With this amount it is really hard for us to run our lives.”

Anjali stated, “I live in a single-room house near Kengeri and I have to pay 60 rupees every day for travelling to my workplace, with such meagre salary I find it very hard to run my life.” They requested the government to provide them with travelling allowance as they are not able to have a sustainable living with the given salary.

The pourakarmikas are now working directly under the government and so they come under the sixth pay commission, which the Karnataka government just approved, so they will be entitled to travelling allowances and city compensatory allowances as well.

The pourakarmikas said that they still haven’t been paid their pending wages. They stated that out of the four months wages they still haven’t been paid, some have gotten one month paid, but some have not received any at all.

The official stated that the plan for paying them their pending wages is going on, and that they will soon be paid.



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    These kind of problems will lead to huge chaos. Swachh Bharat is our national mission, these people took up that mission as their profession, its our responsibility to encourage them. Better wages should be paid to these City cleaners.

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