K’taka’s politicians and the fault in their stars

City State


He came. He saw. And He predicted. Meet the astrologer who knows the outcome of the state’s upcoming elections.

 Bangalore, April 12, 2018: If only the election commission comes to its senses and listen to him. It can save on some serious moolah spent during the elections. He is the answer to Siddaramaiah’s sleepless nights; he is the cough drop to the scores of politicians screaming themselves hoarse for votes.

 Meet Sahhasra Sarkar, Namma Karnataka’s answer to Bejan Daruwala who can predict with the precision of a sniper. He says he knows who is going to win the upcoming Karnataka elections. He says he knows exactly how many seats each party will win and even the exact number of people who will vote—3,42,20,312.

Don’t believe us? Then hear it from the horse’s mouth.

“I’ve been doing this for thirty years now. In 1984, I accurately predicted the number of seats the ruling party and the opposition would get. There are several more. In 2008, I predicted PM Manmohan Singh would come back for a second term,” said the Bangalore-based professional astrologer.

For the upcoming Karnataka elections, Sarkar has predicted 122 seats in total for the opposition parties, BJP and JD(S), and 102 seats for the ruling Congress party.

He even predicted  the voter turnout. He said 68.75 per cent of the voters will cast their ballot, 31.25 per cent of the people will vote for the Congress party and 37 per cent of the vote will go the opposition parties, BJP and JD(S).

Interestingly, Sarkar said he was talking to the media to raise awareness that the movement of the planets impacts the daily affairs of people.

However, when Sarkar was quizzed on who would come to power or become the Chief Minister, he said the process of making predictions was laborious and that he needed ten more days to find out who would become the Chief Minister or which party would come to power.

Ten more days for the stars to align in the right position to spell the next Chief Ministers name. We urge the star gazers to keep their telescopes in working order.