Cameras in Police Commissioner’s office don’t work


They have been out of order for months.

The foremost enforcer of law and order in Bangalore may not be able to police activities in the vicinity of his own office. The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)cameras at the office of the Commissioner of Policehave been out of order for the past six months.  “The cameras are under maintenance. They will be fixed in a while. There was some technical problems due to which the cameras had to be reset and now will soon be replaced,” said M A Somaiya, a security guard at the Commissioner’s office.

The senior officers working inside the office had no clue about the CCTVs not working. They said that they do not bother about keeping an eye on the working of CCTVs as it is the responsibility of the maintenance department.  The maintenance department declined to comment.“The CCTVs installed at various places in the city anyway don’t work. But, it is really shameful that the ones installed at the Commissioner’s office also don’t work,” said Arjun who had come to visit the Commissioner of Police, Suneel Kumar.