White Ribbon Alliance launches “What Women Want”


The campaign aims to improve maternal health and make positive change for women and girls.

Bangalore, April 11, 2018: The White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) has launched the ‘What Women Want’ campaign today on International Maternal Health and Rights Day. It has launched today.

The organisation is expected to take suggestions from one million women and girls regarding reproductive and maternal healthcare.

Dr. Leila Caleb of WRA has said that “More than 30 partners have already participated in the campaign which assumes special importance after almost 40,000 cases of maternal deaths was reported last year.

‘Safe Motherhood Day’ is celebrated all over the world on April 11th every year. It is an initiative by WRA India which was launched in 1999 in collaboration with the government of India when the Center for Catalyzing Change (formerly known as CEDPA), brought together a group of individuals and organizations to advocate for safe motherhood in India.

‘What Women Want’ is a two year campaign which will conduct studies on maternal healthcare issues faced by women. The responses will be recorded and analyzed to suggest improvements in maternal healthcare facilities in the country.

A spokesperson for the Bangalore Birth Network, which works with maternal healthcare in the city said, “We promote evidence base safe and supportive maternal healthcare in Bangalore. We do this by getting in touch with urban as well as rural women and educate them about the birth process which includes both pre and post childbirth. We have also organised a lactation pilot program in collaboration with the BBMP.”