Advocates to hunger strike if HC vacancies are not filled


Protest against vacancies in Karnataka High Court ‘not political’ says Advocate Association of Bangalore.

Bangalore, April 11, 2018: The Advocate Association of Bangalore has decided to go on a hunger strike and abstain from working if the Centre continues to ignore the association’s plea to fill in vacancies in the Karnataka High Court.

The Association has said that the Supreme Court has made recommendations and passed sanctions which has done little to fill the vacancies.

A senior Advocate complained, after the first hunger strike on February 5,  five appointments were made regardless of that fact that there were 20 recommendations.

BV Acharya,  Ex Advocate General of Karnataka said, “Out of the 62 vacancies, only 29 judges have been recruited for the State”.

“There is a huge lag in the recruitment of judges for the State. The Central government had said that it would fill the vacancies which is why we withdrew our first hunger strike.We will wait for some more time and if no action is taken, we will call for a hunger strike. We do not want to do this but we are helpless. We will abstain from going to the court.”

A N Gangadharia, Secretary, Advocate Association Bangalore, said, “We have around 225 lakh cases pending. We do not have enough judges to take care of the cases. Our only motive is to make the Central Government fill the vacancy. If this is not done, there will be strict agitations and a hunger strike.”

The association has saidthat there is no political angleto this and they do not want to interfere in the matters relating to the Centreand the SC. Their only aim is to get the vacancies filed.