Technology need of the hour to track down human trafficking


Justice and Care, an NGO, that works towards solutions to tackle human trafficking has drafted a Standard Operating Procedure for video conferencing human trafficking cases.

On Tuesday, during the synopsium of technology and trafficking, the senior director of Justice and care, Adrian Phillips, said that criminals use internet, social media and chat rooms to trap their victims. With the advent of technology, the culprits can be caught, easily. The conferenence was held by International Institute of Information Technology,

Justice and Care, an NGO against human trafficking drafted a Standard Opening Procedure for video conferencing trafficking cases.

This initiative was pitched to eliminate the modern day form of salvery- human trafficking.

Justice and Care claims that this SOP framework will soon be institutionalised as a statutory document by the Bombay High Court.

Senior Director, Justice and Care, Adrian Phillips said that criminals are using internet, social media and chat rooms to trap their victims. We should all come together and use technology to catch them.

Adrian Phillips, also said that there is an urgent need to improve technology infrastructure for prosecutions of these cases.

Since 2008, the inception of Justice and Care it’s has able to rescue  4,695 trafficked persons, able to convict 115 criminals, handled 425 prosecution cases and trained 43,830 police officers including public prosecutors and community members.

According to US Congressional Research services reports between two to four million people are trafficked ever year. Around 50% of these trafficked are adult women and more than a quater of all these trafficked are children.

Gayathri Kalia, Senior advisor, Justice and Care said, “Human trafficking affects both poor and rich and this issue is at our doorsteps. It thrives and survives because it’s a 150 billion profit industry.”

“It destroys many lives and society”, she added. a website, almost one million of the victims are children who are trafficked for prostitution in india. The majority of trafficked women are between 11 and 25 years of age.