BMTC Supremo says pink seats make no sense

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Latest move by BMTC receives mixed reactions.

Bangalore, March 13, 2018: Chief BMTC officer, Ponnuraj does not like the idea of installing pink seats for women in BMTC busses and added that it makes no sense to him. “Women are so happy having separate seats for them. I found it funny when BMRCL also had a special allotment for women and now BMTC is doing the same. This clearly shows our city isn’t developing at all,” said Ponnuraj. This comes after the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) decided to install special pink seats for female passengers from March 8.

Senior officials of BMTC have mentioned that it is a decision taken by H M. Revanna, transport minister, and are not completely sure of the new plans. Ponnuraj, Managing Director of BMTC, said, “I need to discuss with him (Revanna) about his statements. First, we need to understand what is in his mind and then take any decision.” He added, “I was opposing this idea because it doesn’t show gender neutrality in any way but then our city proved me wrong by supporting this idea.”

Manasa S, a student of Mount Carmel College said, it is not a good idea to keep separate seats for women. “I think it should just be as it is now and not change anything. Our city is moving backwards instead of going forward,” she said.

Bheeriah G, BMTC conductor, said that it is a good decision by the government to keep separate seats for women as it won’t cause any problems for them. “I think the women will be happier and they will also be safe,” he said.

Shyamala S. Maddodi, a public relation officer of BMTC, informed that all the new buses in the city from March 8 will have the new pink seats for ladies. “Ffew new buses in the city already have the pink seats while  rest of the buses will also have it soon, cannot tell specifically (sic),” said Maddodi.

“When our vehicle goes for fitness certificate (FC) then they might change the old seats to pink colour because of the new rule. But nothing has happened as of now,” Nagbhushan, Depot Manager, Rajarajeshwari Nagar mentioned.

Kranthi Reddy, founder of  Red Eye, an organisation for empowerment of women, said that women are capable of handling themselves and this differentiation of coloured seats for women is just showing the shallow mindedness of the government. “I think the government needs to respect women and treat them equally instead of creating such differences,” said Reddy.

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