ATMs out of cash


Bangalore, March 1,  2018: Many ATMs across the city frequently run out of cash leaving customers inconvenienced.

ATMs of Karnataka Bank, India Bank, and SBI across the city have a sign hanging outside the ATM saying, “No cash”.

Siraj Kurudan, System Engineer of Time Inc said, “Most of the times I go to the ATM, but I don’t get cash.” Kurudan said it has become hard for him to get his hands on cash.

Suman Ahmed, who came to withdrew cash in the Karnataka Bank at Kumbalgodu said, “I have been coming here for the past five days but there is no cash in the ATM. I have to go to the bank to get cash.”

Raja, the Assistant Manager of Indian Bank said, “If we are out of cash, we have to bring money from the currency chest or from other branches that have cash.”

He added, “On an average we load Rs. 10-15 lakh of whatever denomination is available.”