Church Street is a parking battleground


Shop owners want to park, slowing down repair work while the police tows vehicles away every few minutes.

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: Bangalore traffic police has been towing 60 cars and 140 two wheelers every day on Church Street.
Parking on Church Street is banned as the street is being given a complete overhaul.
Mahesha R, Traffic Police Inspector said since the last two months, the maximum number of vehicles towed in the Cubbon Park Traffic division is from Church Street. He said that people are parking in no-parking zones and then complain after their vehicle gets towed. For two wheelers, the traffic police charges Rs. 750 and for cars they charge Rs. 1100.
Wasim Khan, owner of a cottage arts shop said that they are fed up of the traffic police towing their vehicles. A few minutes after they park their vehicles, they get towed. The shopkeepers have complained about it to the Bangalore Traffic Police. He also added that the traffic towing van comes approximately 20 times a day—some times as often as three times in half an hour.

Muthubabu M, project manager, BBMP said that people need to cooperate and stop parking their vehicles in no parking zones. Due to the vehicles, their work also gets hampered. It becomes difficult for the workers to work. Already they have missed many deadlines to complete the work. They have closed the roads and yet people come inside with their vehicles.
Manas Hassan, supervisor of the project at Church Street said that there is a lot of pressure on them to complete the work as soon as possible. But if the vehicle keep moving on the road which in under construction hinders the work. Construction work at Church Street is expected to be completed by end of December.