People of Honnali Taluk ignorant about important government schemes


Farmers in the taluk have no idea of usage of new pesticides, etc.

Bangalore, November 21, 2017:Villagers in Honnali Taluk are unaware about various government schemes and new information circulated by the government. The villagers said that all the important news doesn’t reach them and they have to go to the gram panchayath to enquire.

P Revana Gowda, Secretary, Ganganakote Gram Panchayath, said that from the total fund provided by government, eight per cent is used on public awareness. They distribute pamphlets and organise gatherings to pass on important information to the villagers.

Mohammad Rafi, Manager of Taluk Panchayath, Honnali said that they send e-mails regarding  new schemes or information to the gram panchayath and ward sabha, after which the gram panchayath needs to gather people and inform them about it.

The gram panchayath has to send photos and videos of the gathering to taluk panchayath confirming that they conveyed the information to people. Government directly provides funds to the gram panchayath.

Farmers in Honnali taluk are unaware about many important guidelines in farming business. For instance, quantity  of thepesticides which must be used. Many farmers are still practicing  traditional methods of farming. ue to lack of knowledge about the crops, farmers have experienced crop failure