State Ambedkar Sena President alleges police harrassment

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“I have received death threats and warning from Sri Annapoorneshwari Police station officers. Inspector Krishna and ACP Prakash have misbehaved with me,” said R. Murthy.

R Murthy said, The officers spoke to me in a very dirty language. They also spoke to me in the singular without even respecting my position. If this is going to be the state of a president of an association, how will they treat other people?”

He mentioned that police officer called him a “rowdy-sheeter.”

Asha, a  member of the Ambedkar Sena mentioned that she also had the same experience by the same officers.
“I went to lodge a complaint at the station because my jewelry was lost, but then the officer, in turn, started to interrogate me. He also asked me about how I make money and other disgusting things,” she said.

Balakrishna, a leader of the Dalit Sangha, said. “Why should the police involve itself when it is a civil dispute. The police should protect the people not threaten the people.”

On November 30, 2017, a protest will be led by 5000 people and 50 organizations opposite Kengeri Police Station. The organizations include Ambedkar Sena, Dalit organization, Hindu Seva Samithi. India Vehicle Driver Tase Union.

Gandasi Sadananda Swamy, President of Indian Vehicle Drivers Trade Union expressed his displeasure regarding the situation. “All taxis, cars and other goods vehicles, are going to be a part of the protest.”

R Murthy stated that his fight is against these two officers and not the entire police force.
He added, “I have taken the issue to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Anucheth and he said he will look into the matter soon.”

Anucheth, DCP West told The Softcopy that he will look into the matter and resolve the issue as soon as possible.