Janata party hints at hunger strike

City Politics

Nagesh N, State Secretary Principal of Janata Party urged the media to identify issues with Bhoovika Housing Corporation, claiming that the company is taking advantage of people’s confidence by posing as DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah’s relatives, which has resulted in 2000 people investing between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore.

One of the victims who was defrauded by this corporation, Jayamma, claimed that she was subjected to daily torture, with managers from the housing corporation taking any amount between Rs. 10 and Rs. 500. She also claimed that she was harassed and assaulted by the members of the corporation, who would threaten her to give money.

Members of Janata Party alleged that the members of the housing corporation persuaded 2,000 innocent persons to invest in the housing corporation at their deposit pricing. They showed the victims fictitious pictures of themselves with DK Shivakumar and demanded large payments, claiming to be his brothers.

They promised jobs and a stable income  for people below poverty line. The policy also included alcoholicsThe people who invested in the corporation were also promised that they will be given a house.

Nagesh also alleged that the documents that were distributed to the public lacked government licence approval. It was only two fake sheets with fake signatures and seals on them.

Moreover, the corporation targeted lower middle class people. Nagesh pleaded the authorities to take action, support those who have lost money, and get things under control.He blamed nine employees of the housing corporation for carrying out this plan.

About 300 of the 2000 people, according to Ramya Varshini, advocate, who is taking up this case, said that they had  attempted to register an FIR . However, the police dismissed them based on no grounds. These individuals then submitted a petition, which was likewise turned down without proper reasoning.

Ramya talked about how Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar should be paying attention to these kinds of frauds happening with their name, as the belief in the elected representatives will continuously decline if this is not given immediate attention.

Senior activist Hebbala Venkatesh asked the media to be aware of the possible fraudulent activities that could occur if the state does not take notice of this issue, which is closer to home.

He said that media outlets and awareness campaigns should inform the public on all available platforms that anyone presenting evidence for a document needs to have bond paper bearing official government seals and a recognized authoritative signature.

Contributed by- K Nitika Shivani and Vandana Batra