World Radio Day

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History of world Radio

Lovely Tyagi

Radio has played an important role in the modernization of society. Prior to 1920s the radio was primarily used to contact ships in sea. During the war, the military used it almost exclusively and it became an invaluable tool in sending and receiving messages to the armed forces. After 1920, radio became popular even among common people and various radio stations were set up across UK and US.

History of Indian Radio

Akankhya Rout

Global Radio Reach

Avantika Khajuria

According to the data, Argentina and South Africa are the countries where people spend the most time listening to the radio, with weekly listening hours reaching 20.8 and 15, respectively.

Distribution of radio listenership in India

Nikita Joshi

Radio listeners share in Bangalore

Sumanta Sinha

Big FM 92.7 is the new boss in Bangalore whereas Radio Indigo is lagging behind and stood at 1.9 percentage of the total listeners market.

Number of AIR stations statewide in India

Vishisht Dwivedi

Maharashtra tops the list with 30 stations, while many old stations in other bigger states have been closed or have been out of function for a long time.

Longest-running radio programs

Varidhi Goyal

Shipping forecasts were first broadcast by telegraph in 1859 and the first radio broadcast in the current format was broadcast in 1924. While Metropolitan Opera is the longest-running continuous classical music program in radio history.

Radio advertising revenue in India

Anupama V M

Advertising revenue in India saw an increase, compared to previous year. This is a slight recovery from the impact of COVID. In India, the revenue of the traditional radio market is projected to reach $ 0.64 billion in 2024.

Preferred radio content by genre in India

Arya S Biju

“Classical music” and “Country music” are the top two preferred genre among Indian consumers. In India, there are 16 radio stations that focuses on classical music related contents.

Top 10 songs played on the radio of all time

Prajwal Jayaraj

Source: Dave’s Music  Database

This is the list for the top 10 songs played on the radio of all time. The number one spot was taken by ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police and the number 10 spot was taken by ‘Little Lies’ by Fleetwood Mac