Training for BMTC drivers to avoid accidents


This training session will continue  for another two to three months until all the drivers are trained.

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) drivers are being trained  at Traffic Management Centre to reduce the number of fatal deaths caused by the BMTC buses.

Anil Kumar,Inspector in Traffic Management Centre said that the training session demonstrates how accidents happen and how to avoid those accidents. He said, “We instruct the drivers not to use cell phones while driving and stop only at BMTC bus stops.” 

The training session is held every evening and around 40 to 50 BMTC drivers attend it. This session will continue for another two to three months until all BMTC drivers are trained. He added that overall feedback of the session is good.

Credit- Traffic management center

As of BMTC reports it runs around 6500 buses with 25,000 drivers. Sunitha Jain, Public Relation Officer (PRO) at BMTC said that this training session is conducted to reduce the accidents caused by BMTC buses.

The Depot Manager from Kengeri Bus Terminal said, “Every day some drivers are sent to attend the training session.”

Anurag from Traffic Reforms and Advocacy Experts (TRAX) , a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) for road safety said, “This training session will help only five percent.” He added that only the enforcement of strict rules will reduce the accidents in the city.

 “The pressure from the government to complete more rides on a daily basis, can be another reason for harsh driving, . there should not be any pressure to complete more rounds, he added.