Kengeri Railway Station lacks platform accessibility

Bangalore Karnataka Railways

The Sugamya Bharat Mission of Indian Railways remains unfinished.

The Kengeri railway station does not have mobility-friendly platform access for people who are differently abled and those with reduced mobility.

Anitha, a commuter who is physically challenged and uses a wheel chair at the Kengeri railway station said, “It is hard to access the platforms because there are no lifts or ramps to cross the railway station for people like me who have difficulty to walk. Even if they are providing wheelchairs, it will take me a lot of time to cross.”

Narayanappa, a farmer who came to the Kengeri railway station with luggage said, “I want to go to the second platform but there are no ramps or lifts, and the escalator is also under construction, so it is difficult to walk up the stairs with all this luggage.”

According to the Indian Railways’ Sugamya Bharat Mission, lifts and ramps should be provided in the railway station to make it accessible for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Prem, a shopkeeper near the Kengeri railway station, complained, “Every day, people, especially the differently abled and elderly persons like me, struggle to cross the platforms because there are no lifts or ramps.”

Sowbhagya, the station master of Kengeri railway station said, “As of now there are no lifts or ramps in the railway station, but the wheelchair is available at  the railway station for disabled people.”

Anitha said, “Authorities  are making the disabled person travel across the railway tracks with the wheelchairs they provide, which is not ideal.”

Sanmesh a daily visitor to the Kengeri railway station complained, “It is tiring to go up and down the stairs especially while coming back from a journey.”

Prabhath, a social worker said, “The Kengeri railway station authorities are not implementing the central government project to make the country accessible for the differently abled  people. The authorities should consider everyone and should make life easier and better for the people who are facing difficulties like the disabled.”