BJP denies allegations against ticket aspirant

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The former IAS officer was accused under a scam of Rs. 1300 crore.

BENGALURU: Bharatiya Janata Party  (BJP) has denied the corruption allegations of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) against their ticket aspirant for Koratagere constituency and a former IAS officer, B.H. Anil Kumar.

 At a press conference of Karnataka Ahindha Action Committee (R) at Press Club,  M. Muthuraj, the president of the KAAC said, “Allegations made against the party ticket aspirant B.H. Anil Kumar, former IAS officer are far from the truth.”

He added that during his tenure, B.H. Anil Kumar had offered consolation and relief to the patients who died during COVID-19. “During COVID, to make the city of Bangalore Corona free, he himself visited the homes of the patients who died during COVID-19. Even in such situations, he has ruled the administration without any black spots,” said M. Muthuraju.

He further added that, in  2019, Anil Kumar was appointed as the Commissioner of Bangalore Municipal Corporation. Many works have been carried out transparently and without being lured or threatened by anyone, under the authority his authority.

It was reported that AAP filed a complaint against former IAS officer and BJP ticket aspirant for Koratagere Assembly seat, B.H. Anil Kumar. The state communication in-charge of AAP, Brijesh Kalappa said that there were three major irregularities noticed when he was serving as BBMP Commissioner. Kalappa also accused him for looting people’s tax money by releasing more people than required. Mahesh M.G, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said, “We will never support corruption and the allegations made by AAP have not been proved by the law. If the law finds him accused of any such activities, they will take actions against him.”

“Neither the people nor the Lokayukta, High Court and other sources have taken any action against him. This shows that he is accused of nothing,” added M.  Muthuraju”

Dr. D. Jeevan Kumar, a retired political science professor said, “Allegations and counter allegations are common in election season. However, there is a possibility that first time voters may get influenced by what they hear and read. They are advised to vote wisely.”