Freebies-free election for BJP

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BJP is not looking to satisfy the election expectations of free electricity, water and so on, this election.

With the Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 fast approaching, prominent political parties of the state are coming up with a set of freebies and promises in their election manifestos.

All except  the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) where the spokesperson of Karnataka M G Mahesh said that they are not going to come with any idea of free things in their manifesto.

He said, “BJP is not going to proceed with the idea of freebies in the assembly election of Karnataka 2023. The whole idea of giving freebies is very dangerous for any state and we are not going to touch the idea of freebies in the elections.”

The spokesperson of BJP’s media team, Ratan said that the Congress and other parties are coming up with such free promises in their manifestos because they know that a victory in the BJP-ruling Karnataka is not easy for them and that is why they are misleading the public with all such promises.

He added, “We do not work like this and will not let any party mislead the public with such freebies. We will stick to our ethics and not let such parties control the election.”

However, Anil Taikal, Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress (INC), Karnataka said, “If the state is a concern, then this is not the first time a political party is coming up with such a manifesto for the public and it is just BJP that cannot think likewise. When we say that we are going to provide 200 units of free electricity, we have a proper plan to execute our promises.”

He added, “We are talking with proper facts and figures. As far as free electricity is concerned, we will make sure that we  increase the capacity of electrical power generation across the state which leads to an easy profit of Rs.200 to 300 crore to the government and this will make us capable of giving free service for the people.”

Devendra Rao, senior leader of INC said that BJP does not know how to fulfill such big promises. So, it is good that they are not coming up with such ideas in their manifestoes .

BJP’s Ratan said, “We are the party with the maximum number of young and fresh minds with intelligence and we know how freebies can affect the economy of the state adversely. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is providing freebies in Delhi because they know that they have the central government backing, but it would be impossible for any government to provide such kind of free services in a big state like Karnataka.”     

Kalai Rao, AAP’s, BTM Assembly Constituency President, said, “Inflation rate in Delhi is 2.99 percent after providing many free services, which is better than many other states in India. So, we know how to run a government by providing maximum and essential free services to our people and it is possible in Karnataka also.”

Pratham, a voter said, “There is no harm in providing some essential free services to the public. We are paying so much tax to the governmentand therefore I think they should provide some essential services like electricity, water, medication at subsidized  rates or for free.  Rao added that BJP cannot promise free services because our Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi had criticized free services in the Gujarat election and they know if they make any promises that are not fulfilled, it  will eventually be an insult to their PM.”

Janata Dal (Secular) JDS Spokesperson, Thippeswami said, “After every major political party coming up with some interesting manifesto and promises of free services to the public, I think BJP will also come with some fake promises. When politicians want power, they will do anything to acquire it and even contradict their PM for the sake of winning.”

Dr.Harishikesh M Bevanur, a professor of political science and a keen observer of the state politics, said, “If they do not have confidence to fulfil their promises, it is better to not make them. But it is politics. BJP is saying they will not give freebies but they have promised free LGP cylinders and financial assistance for farmers and pregnant women in the Himachal Pradesh election. So, nothing can be predicted until the election day arrives.”