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Most powerful women in the world 2022, countrywise 

Harshita Meenaktshi

Percentage of Female Population in the world (2021)

Sneha Kumar

Women still lagging behind when it comes to protective service occupation

Anas Ali

Number of reported rape cases in India 2005-2021

Riya Roy Chowdhury 
Source: Statista

Share of women employed as panel lawyers in India as of March 2020, by state

Anchal Verma
Source: Statista

Share of women in management positions in India as of December 2020

Mansi Arora
Source: Statista

Countries with the widest gender pay gap

Taniva Roy
Source: Statista

Women representatives in political parties 

Anuja Parashar
Source: MyNeta

 Followership for men’s and women’s sport – by country

Dhananjay Gautam
Source: SportsYouGov

The countries with the most number of female inventors

Somanjali Das
Source: Statista

Female students out of primary school (2021)

NEha Soni